The Steps To The Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Perfect Bridal

Something that both excites me and sends me into a panic.

When it came to my own wedding day I seemed to have gotten things a little bit wrong. I won’t go into ALL of the details but let’s just say I wish I’d given it all a little more consideration and actually ensured I was both comfortable and secure.

So, to ensure you pretties don’t make the same mistakes, we’ve got a cracking advice.

  • If you decide to wear a corset or suspenders make sure that you have a professional fitting. Long gone are the days of whale bone and shallow breathing. Corsets can be very supportive and offer a kind silhouette to your hips and waist. Suspender belts must be worn just below the smallest part of your waist and should fit you as you would want the waist band of your knickers to, neither too loosely or too tight.
  • Leave buying your underwear until the last month or so when you are confident that your weight won’t change. Most brides will lose a few pounds before their big day – you want your underwear to fit like a glove.
  • Don’t be afraid to have one set of underwear for your wedding day and one set for your wedding night. Practicality has to play a role in your choice for your dress, while your wedding night choice can express more of your personality.
  • If you are wearing a strapless neck line remember not to wear a bra with straps in the morning before you put on your wedding dress as the marks on your shoulders may take a few hours to disappear.
  • When choosing the colour of your underwear stay away from very bright whites as these will often show through fabric. Ivory or flesh colours will allow your underwear to seamlessly become part of your dress.
  • If your dress is made of fine fabric remember that underwear made from materials such as lace could show through and break the softness that the fabric of your dress creates. Lace underwear may also irritate the skin if you are not used to wearing it.
  • Remember that you want to have a smooth silhouette. In keeping with this, consider seamless or control underwear.
  • First and foremost get fitted. Most women are wearing the wrong bra size and as a result are not getting the most out of their underwear. Its recommend to have fittings every 6-12 months

Have fun with shopping with us for this part of your outfit, it is after all the foundation to every bride’s dream of the perfect dress!

Lots of love…Passion HQ