How To Break The Ice Before Sex

Ladies Lingerie

Sometimes sex can be awkward. You might have had an idea of what it would be like but standing in your birthday suit in front of a new partner can turn all those ideas upside down.

Here are some tips on how to overcome those bedroom nerves with a few ice breakers that will make your sexual adventures a little less awkward.

Give a massage

Starting off with a massage can give you and your partner an opportunity to relax. It’s also an opportunity to be intimate and sensual without rushing. Since your focus is on going slow, there’s no expectation to perform immediately. This takes the pressure off both parties and allows things to unfold in their own time.

Wear lingerie

Sexy lingerie will let you set the tone without talking. Instead of having to make small talk or romantic gestures, all you need to do is show off something sexy under your clothes. It will also help you feel confident and sexual if that’s something you struggle with.

Go on a date

A romantic evening can help you and your partner slowly get comfortable with each other. You can also be creative with the date, like going on a picnic or doing an activity together. By the time you get to the bedroom, you’ll be hot, ready and wanting.

Watch a movie

Watching a movie together with your partner can be more than just following the storyline. It’s a chance to hold each other’s hands, laugh together or share a kiss. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected and intimate before going further. This is great for new couples or even long-term partners.

Play a game

Not a sports game, a sex game. There are dozens of board games and bedroom games geared towards sex. These are great to play with a partner to talk about sex in a fun, playful way. Once you’re really getting the hang of the game you’re playing, you could take it a step further by making it more than just a game….