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So discreet we dont even put our name on your parcel.
Anyone could sign for it and they would not know the contents thats how confident we are in keeping your privacy.

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South Africa's #Nr1 Online Sex Shop. Not all toys are created equally, we source the best non -toxic, FDA approved, medical silicon sex toys and adult accessories for your pleasure and safety. Shop premium adult sex toys and quality designs that will last you a lifetime!

Usefull Information

Wanting to buy sex toys online?
Consider a Rabbit Vibrator and more...

When you buy sex toys online it can be similar to online dating: overwhelming, awkward, as well as a challenge that necessitates sorting out the duds from high-quality options. What is the distinction between remote control and manual operation? Is the vibration pattern important? And, for heaven's sake, should it have to resemble a penis? Before you go shopping at an online sex shop, consider what you really want from purchasing your brand new sex toy. It is the best way to ensure it lives up to the hype. Now is the time you should decide whether you need to look at your vibrator in person or buy it online (online is best, we believe), what materials you may prefer, and the amount of money to spend at our online sex shop.

There's a lot to think about, but don't worry, you're not alone. With us you know longer have to search for where to buy sex toys. If you're a first-timer, it can be difficult to predict which size will bring you the most pleasure, with options ranging from large wand-like vibrators to discrete ones that can fit into the palm of a hand. When you buy sex toys, consider what you’d enjoy the most when masturbating and having sex. If you can satisfy yourself using one finger, a penis-looking or large vibrator may pack a bit too much of a punch or even stimulate too many areas at the same time. Also consider when you buy sex toys online, if your partner is quite well-endowed or the strap-on you’d use when having sex isn't too small, bigger may be better.

If you have the urge to orgasm strikes you unexpectedly, you might consider the tiny-but-mighty sex toy that you could disguise into a necklace and then take out at a bathroom for some afternoon delight. (Who are we to judge?). One thing is for certain, you have come to the one online sex shop that won’t leave you feeling disappointed - Passion HQ.

Tired of searching for “buy dildo” or
“where can I buy a dildo?”

Choosing whether or not to purchase a sex toy from an online sex shop can be a thrilling experience. Because dildos are still stigmatized in society, worrying where to buy big dildos can be nerve-racking. But don't worry! We'll look at the other side of the coin of where to buy a bildo. The truth is that owning a dildo is fantastic, and here are a few things to think about before you go out and buy one today.

Dimensions and size

The size of your dildo should be determined by what has already been in your vagina/ass. Consider your more pleasurable sexual experiences (with a partner or solo) and what made it so pleasurable – could it have been the fullness sensation, of being stretched a bit by something a little larger? Was it the zing of pleasure that came from the head of it stroking your g-spot (or prostate) that drew you in? We know that when you buy dildo online with our online sex shop, our team can help you discreetly decide the correct size.

Consider the materials used

All materials aren’t created equal. There will be some which are more skin-like and flexible, while there will be others rigid and easily cleaned. The dong's material is as important as its size. Let's take a look at silicone. It is a man-made, non-toxic material which has a tightly packed molecular structure. It is for this reason that silicone toys are non-porous and smooth, making them ideal for cleaning. The flexibility of silicone dildos varies, but generally, the material lacks the bounce found in other sex toy materials. As sex toys are not regulated in South Africa, a toy needs only to contain a minimum 10% of a certain material to have it listed. With each silicone-based dildo, we ensure that you are receiving medical-grade silicone material.

Shape and Characteristics

When it comes to buying their first toys, many people seem to fall into two distinct camps. One side is drawn to cutesy child-like items or "incognito" items. The most realistic dildos will be chosen by the opposite team. It's difficult to get a realistic dildo in something so small, but a few do exist.

It is not always possible to find the ideal toy on the first try. You may decide that you adore one aspect of your toy but dislike another. Experiment with different materials and textures to find out what works best for you. And don't forget to lube up for the best results! As an online sex shop, Passion HQ is your market leader any time you search for “buy dildo” or “where can I buy a dildo?”, so look now further.

Ready to buy lingerie online?”

We at Passion HQ believe that wearing lingerie should be as important to outerwear, if not even more so. There's something seductively alluring about a lacey panty touching your skin as well as a beautiful bra hugging your body. After you buy lingerie, it can be an intimate and quite emotional experience. It exudes sexiness as well as confidence. It helps mend broken marriages (OK, we may have stretched it a little bit, but I’m sure you understand the point). Yes, when you buy sexy lingerie online, it can be more than only a piece of fabric; it can even be a persona.

Increases Sex Appeal

When you wear your lingerie, it may increase your sex appeal. This is especially true, when you are wearing lacey panties, hot pushup bras, corsets, thongs, and bustiers, you look fantastic as well as your self-confidence skyrockets. Your lovely bra is one symbol of your femininity. You're ecstatic about the new way you now look, and you're always full of energy and self-assurance. When you buy sexy lingerie online, it can provide women with that extra boost they so desperately need in life.

Helps empowers the female in all of us

You feel feminine and nice and when you buy lingerie and wear it correctly. A black lacy bra, a strapless printed bra, or a simple push up bra all bring out a confident woman within. Correctly fitted bras highlight our curves and increase our overall attractiveness. Who doesn't want to be a woman who turns heads? Actually, the lingerie underneath the little black dress does the trick. Always purchase the appropriate bra to help make you feel extremely empowered. It gives a woman a sexy and hot feeling.

It provides support

When you buy lingerie, it helps to provide a lot of support. As with sports bras and push-up bras help keep everything in its place. You get extra lift with push-up bras and keep it from sagging. With push-up bras, they also aid in keeping your breasts together, making them appear larger. With sports bras, they shift the entire weight and support of your bust to the back. As a result, the bust jiggles less when running.

Because they do not completely cover the buttocks, panties like cheekies and thongs make them appear larger. Briefs and hip huggers cover more, yet keep everything compact. Hip huggers do start at the hip, so they’re more of a way to feel sexy while they still provide coverage at the back. With briefs, they cover the most skin area. These are highly recommended for all women who may have more of that "Junk in the Trunk"—a characteristic that many women should be proud of - if it should be covered, briefs will definitely do the trick all the while holding more of you in place. At Passion HQ, you no longer have to search online to discreetly buy lingerie online. We have everything you need as an online sex shop.

Garter belts can be lovely functional garments that prevent stockings from sliding down the legs. Bustiers and corsets are bra extensions that help maintain your hourglass figure. They cause this due to the boning (wires) built into the seams. Babydolls are bras that come within a dress and can be described as a sexy dress for a very special occasion. Teddies are bodysuits that are fitted to make your body appear sexier and slimmer. These are typically transparent in order to highlight the feminine beauty of the body. When you buy sexy lingerie, it is more than just "sexy"; it does also serve important functions.

Rekindles a Relationship's Love

Marriages and relationships often lose their luster after a number of years together. Instead of fortifying, this intense passion or bonding can often fade. Hot and beautiful lacey lingerie may be able to spice up a relationship and love life. Our beautiful lacey bras have the potential to rekindle this lost spark as well as turn a boring relationship into one that is exciting. With a dash of novelty, the correct lingerie can rekindle old passions and spark new ones. Life could return to being romantic and enjoyable. Your relationship may be revitalized and elevated to another level just by making the decision to buy lingerie online

It is more than just clothing.

There's something about buying lingerie and wearing it, that can't be put into words. It's a piece that instantly lifts your spirits. Not only does it improve your mood, but it also improves your curves, clothes, and confidence. It reflects a woman's personality. Every time you put it on, you get a rush of adrenaline. It enhances a woman's sense of beauty, strength, elegance, and femininity.

Buying lingerie online is available in a variety of styles to suit a variety of personalities. Panties and lace bras are worn by women who are self-assured and daring. Comfort bras are made for when a woman needs to feel both beautiful and sexy in her own skin. Depending on her preferences, some women do prefer lacey lingerie compared to non-laced counterparts. Sexy lingerie reveals one's personality.