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What’s the most important thing when buying underwear?

What’s the most important thing when buying underwear?

The knack with knickers is buying the right size for you. It’s no good buying a size eight because in your dreams you have a supermodel’s behind: you’ll only end up with an extra bum cheek where the stressed elastic’s cutting into your wobbly bits. Be honest, and generous, when buying your panties
Whether it’s for a naughty night in or to just complete a special outfit, or just for everyday wear, the key to the perfect lingerie purchase is making sure it fits.

How do you get the perfect fit?

You’ll need measurements: the bra back size – measure directly under your bust for the correct size use one of our measuring guides such as one of these. Some of the problems you might encounter are:

  • You’re bulging out the top or sides. If your curves are a bit lumpy under your lycra, the cup size is probably too small.
  • If you’re experiencing wrinkles where they shouldn’t be i.e. the bra cup is creasing, it’s too big. The bra should fit smoothly over your boobs.
  • If it rides up your back it’s too big around your body, go down a bra back size. The strap should fit snugly around your rib cage.

What type of lingerie should I buy?

Kit yourself out with a range of colours and styles for different occasions. If you can afford it your undie drawer needs to be as varied as the wardrobe of clothes to go on top of it.

Everyone’s idea of ‘sexy’ is different, so go for something flattering that you’re comfortable with. You look most sexy if you feel good. There’s nothing worse than pouting seductively whilst constantly trying to free a skinny bit of lace from between your bum cheeks. View our range of Raunchy sets for that special occasion